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1. Jwildfire casual saturday 190420
Posted: 1 day ago
@rndness222 | Follow | Block | Comment
Here is another jwildfire fractal. ...
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Posted: 2 days ago
@clayrawlings | Follow | Block | Comment
CHAPTER 12 WHAT IS THE OUTCOME OF THE PERSONAL INJURY MEDIATION? At the end of the mediation, there will either be a settlement or the mediator will declare an impasse. Occasionally, both sides leave with the mediator proposal and take a few days to come up with their decision. If a settlement is...
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3. 12 r/Funny's GONE WRONG!!!
Posted: about 21 hours ago
@vapenation | Follow | Block | Comment
this is the BEST of Reddits Roastme section!...
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4. Montreal, it's time to hop aboard the SteemEngine! 2019-04-21
Posted: about 11 hours ago
@steemengineteam | Follow | Block | Comment
Montreal, it's time to hop aboard the SteemEngine! 20190421 Hello Montreal! Users around the world have been using SteemEngine to promote and share their content. SteemEngine takes pride in being one of the most diverse networks on the Steem Blockchain and we welcome you to join. It's time for M...
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5. Daily Giveaway #240 - Monster Madness Giveaways - 4/21
Posted: about 3 hours ago
@jonnyla08 | Follow | Block | Comment
Steem Monsters Giveaways Welcome to the Monster Madness Giveaways brought to you by the @jonnyla08 team! This giveaway is for one random FREE Steem Monsters card. Choose a number 1100 and comment below to participate. That's it! I will select a winner following post payout and provide the winne...
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6. New Belt Design by Armadilloman with process shots
Posted: about 22 hours ago
@armadilloman | Follow | Block | Comment
I have created a new belt design for the Armadillo Leather shop. I am always looking for different textures and surfaces to use in my hand textured leather. For this belt I use a half rotted stump out in my yard. !0416191420a .jpg Leather is dampened and then hammered onto the surface of t...
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7. Was ist das? / What is This? ❓❓ Win 1 PATRIOT Token ($0.436) plus a 100% Upvote
Posted: 1 day ago
@stayoutoftherz | Follow | Block | Comment
Liebe Steemianer, was könnte das sein, bzw. von was ist das ein Teil? Die erste richtige Antwort bekommt ein volles Upvote von mir plus einen PATRIOT Token, der zurzeit 1 Steem wert ist. Nicht Schummeln !...
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8. Cardiff Vs Liverpool - English Premier League - Sunday 21st April 16:00 - Match Preview
Posted: about 19 hours ago
@jclark | Follow | Block | Comment
The season is drawing to a close and the race for the title is proving to be one of the most fiercely contested in history. With just four games left to play, Liverpool is 2nd in the league with an incredible 85 points, ahead of them sits Manchester City a point clear on 86 after today's victory aga...
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9. 👀The Most Unbelievable Use Of For 2019 - [READ HERE]
Posted: about 13 hours ago
@steemitbuzz | Follow | Block | Comment
Imagine this for a moment. You are an average guy working hard to get ahead in life. There’s one problem… You made some bad decisions when you were younger and ended up with a big amount of credit card debt which has been following you around for years! This debt is holding you and your family back...
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10. Приятный сон
Posted: about 7 hours ago
@funt33 | Follow | Block | Comment
Posted using Partiko Android...
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11. It's Caturday🐱😸😺💕
Posted: 1 day ago
@kimmysomelove42 | Follow | Block | Comment
Do any of my fellow felines have a scratch stand?  I've decided to chew and eat the rope off mine and my hooowoman is not pleased!  I just feel like attacking and eating the rope so there! caturday share2steem catsofsteemit catsofinstagram dailypetphotography catstand goofy funnybunny anim...
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12. A Talk With The Co-Creator of Satoshi’s Treasure, The Million-Dollar Global Bitcoin Scavenger Hunt (via The Block)
Posted: about 1 hour ago
@jeffjagoe | Follow | Block | Comment
) A Talk With The CoCreator of Satoshi’s Treasure, The MillionDollar Global Bitcoin Scavenger Hunt via The Block Click Here to Read More: 50% of the Rewards from this Post will be Donated to The Block This post is part of a campaign by @jeffjagoe to get The Block to utilize the STEEM network. ...
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13. The "SEA FOX"
Posted: 6 days ago
@steveconnor | Follow | Block | Comment
Will be getting the sailboat in the water soon. Getting ready for another season at the Marina. Posted using Partiko Android...
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14. Check my latest fight ! undefined vs undefined
Posted: 4 days ago
@jomeszaros | Follow | Block | Comment
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15. Sunday, but where's the sun?
Posted: about 10 hours ago
@acesontop | Follow | Block | Comment
It's almost 9:00 AM as I am typing this post on my smartphone, whichi I don't like that much. I am getting cold hands as well although the forecast "assured us" we're gonna have plenty of sun and 20°C. Was it lying or am I waking up too early with high expectations...? Hope you have a great and sunn...
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16. Check my latest fight ! ronel vs biniam-ermias
Posted: about 15 hours ago
@ronel | Follow | Block | Comment
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17. The Twelfth Art Gallery Tour in Gothenburg 2019 04 13
Posted: 3 days ago
@see5staar | Follow | Block | Comment
The Artist Danka Jaworska The Twelfth Art Gallery Tour 2019 Back on the bikes again! After a lot of back and forth hassles with one of the bicycle tires, we managed to get them in order. Not many galleries this Saturday, but the artists had many paintings and even colorful ones. It was the str...
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18. My Actifit Report Card: April 20 2019
Posted: about 17 hours ago
@niallon11 | Follow | Block | Comment
Standard 5k put down today. Spend a small while practising my golf and chipping but the most part of the day was spent watching the rugby matches. Gutted for munster losing the semifinal once again. 5029 Daily Activity ...
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19. The spring tullip (original photos)
Posted: about 17 hours ago
@cgame | Follow | Block | Comment
I find this tulips in my town and stop for taking some pictures. This was not the original plan, the plan was to go with a friend to take some photos at a glass with a blue liquid in it but I can not stand the temptation to not immortalize these wonderful flowers. I love nature, and no one can steal...
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20. Thursday's Easter Art Gallery Tour 2019 04 18
Posted: about 9 hours ago
@scc664 | Follow | Block | Comment
Thursday's Easter Art Gallery Tour Hi all Art lovers! Thursday's traditional Easter Art Gallery Tour became a beautiful event in a motley mix. The weather was best possible with a shining sun and probably the hottest day of the year. . Gallery Thomassen arranged his 7th Easter Group show with...
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21. [바보쿠우] 2019년 4월 8일 비트코인 차트 분석
Posted: 14 days ago
@baboqoo | Follow | Block | Comment
2019.4.8 비트코인 차트분석 가상화폐, 암호화폐, 가상통화, 암호자산 바보쿠우 의 쉬운 차트분석 ​ 비트코인, 이더리움, 테더, 리플, 스텔라루멘, 이오스, 스팀, 에이다, 아이오타, 골렘, 네오 BTC, ETH, USDT, XRP, XLM, EOS, STEEM, ADA, IOTA, GNT, NEO ​ 해외 거래소 비트코인 차트 기준으로 작성 ​ ▲ 2019년 4월 4일 비트코인 차트 분석 2019년 4월 4일 차트 분석 내용을 먼저 살펴보겠습니다. ​ 이날 분석에서 4월 20일안에 큰 변화가 예상되며...
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22. ZEUX - инвестиционное приложение
Posted: 18 days ago
@from-peter | Follow | Block | Comment
Криптовалюты становятся частью нашей жизни и прочно входят в обиход, многие люди покупают кофе или продукты за криптовалюты,автомобильные салоны продают автомобили за крипту,ювелирные украшения,и те можно купить за биткоины например в сети Birks Group, которая находиться в Канаде золото и бриллианты...
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23. Product Protocol
Posted: 10 days ago
@goodboyi05 | Follow | Block | Comment
Сегодня уже практически не возможно найти той сферы, куда бы не добралась криптовалюта. Популярность криптовалют заставляет задуматься над способами и технологиями которые обеспечат их доступность для простых людей. В первую очередь что надо сказать это то, что Product Protocol это протокол с откры...
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24. Přehled ICO ZEUX
Posted: 19 days ago
@melsoman | Follow | Block | Comment
Cryptocurrencies se stávají součástí našeho života a jsou pevně používány, mnoho lidí kupuje kávu nebo výrobky pro kryptografii, prodejci automobilů prodávají auta pro kryptografii, šperky a můžete si je koupit pro bitcoiny, například v síti Birks Group, která je již v Kanadě zlatem a diamanty lze v...
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